Green with envy

Behind the scenes

Here's a little collection of works in our collection with links to the Emerald Isle

This chap's interesting: a Huguenot immigrant who grew rich as a banker in Dublin and whose family name lives on in the accounting firm Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

Charles Jervas was born in Clonlisk, County Offaly, and is mentioned by name in Alexander Pope's Rape of the Lock:

Then smile Belinda at reproachful tongues
Still warm our hearts, and still inspire our songs
But would your charms to distant times extend
Let Jervas paint them, and let Pope commend
Who censure most, more precious hairs would lose
To have the Rape recorded by his Muse.

The picturesque River Dargle is best known from the song Waxie's Dargle, here given the treatment by The Pogues:

And finally today - though there are certainly more in our collection - Caractacus by Dubliner John Henry Foley: