Horsing around

Behind the scenes

Curator Peter Vangioni has posted a couple of blogs in the last week or so in relation to the exhibition New Zealand Illustrated: Books from the Victorian Age which is coming up soon at Peterborough Street Library.


Peter has certainly put a lot of effort into the show, which features some brilliant examples from the era. Here in Christchurch, people have had to get inventive in the last few years, utilising the things available at any point in time in order to simply get on with things. Peter, in his curatorial quest, is no different, pictured here in a temporary storage area (it was a gallery space once upon a time, and will be again we promise!) selecting pages from one of the featured books. No office chairs were left behind when Cera finally vacated the building, so using his Cantabrian resourcefulness (although he's from Palmerston North thank you very much) Peter simply pulled up a sawhorse, sat down, and got on with the job at hand....