Out of the hat

Behind the scenes

This is a hat.


This is a pile of names, scribbled on scraps of paper.


The names belong to those who entered our Shane Cotton publication competion, which we ran though the iPad version of Bulletin.

This is the Shane Cotton publication, modelled here by senior curator and author of the book, Justin.


No, he's not a hobbit - the book really is that big. It's out this Friday, and it truly is a beast of a publication. But all that page space is used for what are without doubt some of the most sumptuous reproductions of Cotton's work you'll ever see.

The names were drawn from a hat (although not sadly the one pictured) and a winner chosen at random. And that winner is... Susan Jackman!

Congratulations Susan, and thanks to all who entered.

The book will be on sale through the Gallery Shop and at City Gallery Wellington from today. And the exhibition of the same name is one display in Wellington from tomorrow. Get along there if you can.