The Gallery is like one big sock drawer

Behind the scenes

Mismatched white cotton gloves are frequently retrieved from all corners of the building (and the odd pocket) and placed in the Gallery's used glove bins...

...which are collected by some poor washerwoman (ahem, the Registrars). But, one recent glove amnesty was like no other. This impressive haul came from one, yes one, curator's drawer.


We're picking this stash has been years in the making, squirrelled away until desperate measures (ie. the drawer no longer closed) forced a long overdue purge.

Guess the number of gloves, and you'll win a copy of the Van der Velden catalogue. And the bonus prize... guess the curator on laundry duty, and we'll throw in a (clean) pair of white cotton gloves!

Email us your answers by 4pm Wednesday.