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Behind the scenes

We offer warmest congratulations to our former colleague Janna van Hasselt who has been awarded a Fulbright New Zealand General Graduate Award to study at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


There she will complete a Master of Fine Art degree majoring in Printmedia. Curiously the fact that she used to work part-time in the Christchurch Art Gallery shop does not appear in the official Fulbright media release.

Of the SAIC Janna says: 'I chose it because it offers one of the top graduate fine art programmes in the US, and their printmaking facilities are extensive. They strongly encourage interdisciplinary study, so I will be able to continue integrating ceramics and painting in with my printmaking practice. I have to admit that Claes Oldenberg and Joan Mitchell being two of their alumni also helped to cement my decision!'

Amongst the happiest purchases I have made for the Gallery's artist book collection is her book Parade, a feast for the eyes and an exquisite physical object. The photograph below by no means does it justice


You can follow Janna's work through her website and we wish her all the very best in Chicago.