Surrealism lives (beside the red zone)

Behind the scenes

If you've done your Modern Art 101, then you'll probably remember the famous line of Comte de Lautréamont (aka Isidore Ducasse) that inspired Andre Breton and Co. back in the heady early days of Surrealism. 'As beautiful', Lautréamont wrote, 'as the chance encounter on an ironing board of a sewing machine and an umbrella.'

Lautréamont lived and wrote about 150 years ago, but his vision came to life again this week during the installation of Julia Morison's exhibition in our new 'Outer Space'. True, the umbrella has become a sieve on a stand, and the sewing machine's become a strange resin stalactite. But there's no mistaking the Surrealist poetry of collision, all playing out on the ironing board's stage: