Death of a library

Behind the scenes

The fate of our sister organization, the Central Library, is still far from clear. It sits just within the dreaded cordon, whereas we are lucky enough to be just outside it.

With Durham Street partitioned by high wire fences, and the city centre controlled by manned checkpoints, it's all a little like...


Meanwhile, outside the cordon, the old Public Library in Hereford Street appears to be receiving the last rites. It is plainly wrecked and you don't need to be an engineer to see that its days are numbered. Rather than yet another photo of ruined walls and fallen masonry, here's one of it in its glory days.

Image courtesy Christchurch City Libraries

Image courtesy Christchurch City Libraries

The demolition of churches in Christchurch has been very affecting, with tearful parishioners attracting media attention; it will be interesting to see how the loss of this much-loved temple of learning will be handled, a building which has, after all, touched many more lives.