Judith Rugg: "Someone's Backyard...?"

This exhibition is now closed

Judith Rugg is a London based printmaker. The 'Someone's Backyard...?' series is based on Jenny Pearce's book Under the Eagle; an account of U.S. intervention in Central America and the Caribbean. Some of the works have broader terms of reference and do not relate specifically to the book but to the way that certain images are used to encourage particular meaning. In some of the prints the artist has placed a reference to postage stamps which is a reference to images as carriers of information in the literal sense as well as an ideological tool.

Judith Rugg's work also conveys a much freer use of the medium of screen printing with thin layers of colour built up in a similar fashion to a painting. She believes that the traditional association of screen printing with flat colour has limited an understanding of the medium itself.

A number of these works were exhibited at the Pentonville Gallery before their dispatch to the Robert McDougall Art Gallery.

('"Someone's Backyard.. .?" - the work of Judith Rugg', Bulletin, No.34, July/August 1984, p.2)