Canterbury Review: Quentin MacFarlane

This exhibition is now closed

A further exhibition in the Canterbury Review series will feature the work of the respected Canterbury painter, Quentin MacFarlane.

The artist states, "My current painting is less concerned about aspects of my immediate environment than has been the case with my earlier painting from the 1970s. During the past few years I have concentrated on structural compositions and smooth colour-field surfaces rendered by spraying and manipulating glazed areas. In some ways this was a deliberate move to leave my marine based paintings and less formal style of painting in the past. However, a large mural project for the University of Auckland recently completed has convinced me that the rather bland flat surfaces had begun to lose their impact and I have recognised a need to return to a fuller, less restricted approach to the act of painting. The images of the coast remain but I hope to combine the structure of my earlier paintings with a deliberate concern for the way paint looks and feels."

('Quentin MacFarlane', Bulletin, No.34, July/August 1984, p.2)