Print U.S.A.

This exhibition is now closed

A broad range of paperworks from prestigious Tamarind Institute, the Crown Point Press and Ernest F. De Soto Workshop The thirty-one works in this exhibition will enable the viewer to appreciate the recent developments in Contemporary print making from the United States of America.

Artists represented are Yunkers, Maciel, Akawie, Colunga, Galvez. Rivera, Acconci. Bechtle, Burden, Diebenkorn, Clemente, Kushner, Steir, True, Thiebaud, Wiley, Ruscha, Mangold, Adams, Bengston, De Forest, Jones, Kauffman, Lowney, Miyasaki, Ramos, Remington, Rifka, Scholder and Zelt.

This exhibition is a part of a composite exhibition titled Paperchase curated by the Robert McDougall Art Gallery as its contribution to the Christchurch Festival. As the title suggests, paperworks in their many forms will be featured.

('Print U.S.A.', Bulletin, No.31, January/February 1984, p.2)

Exhibition number 306

  • Date:
    6 March – 22 April 1984