Marcel Duchamp

This exhibition is now closed

This exhibition of works by Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968) proved something of a sensation in Christchurch in 1967. It was drawn from the Mary Sisler Collection and included works now almost too familiar: Roue de Bicyclette, LHOOQ and Fontaine. This last work, a urinal, and Priere de toucher, a fur-trimmed breast, proved too much for local tastes. Councillor P. J. Skellerup dubbed them "crude exhibitionism", Gallery director William Baverstock dismissed them as "just a piece of French daring", though he admired Duchamp's painting and certainly supported the exhibition overall. Predictatbly there were counter-protests and letters to the editor. Click on the '<' and '>' buttons to follow the controversy.

Exhibition number 20A