Kidzart 1995

This exhibition is now closed

Every two years the Gallery organises a special exhibition of children's art. You may recall the Primary Printmakers of 1993. Well, this year we have decided on 'painting and drawing' as our medium and have asked the young artists in our Canterbury region primary schools to work on the theme of 'home'.

It will be interesting to see how the children interpret this theme. They have been invited to move beyond the human 'home'. Concepts like security, shelter, comfort, or family are expected to appear, and certainly, in this challenging and rapidly changing world, it will be fascinating to see just what our junior artists produce. We sent an invitation, during the second term, to all the Canterbury primary schools.

The young artists were told they could use any painting or drawing techniques or any medium, but we have had to restrict the size to A4 to ensure that they can all be matted and framed uniformly.

As with all the McDougall exhibitions, we anticipate that many visitors young and old, will enjoy viewing the works of children. This year's theme 'Home' impacts on the lives of us all, and it will be very interesting to see how it is interpreted by young artists today. It will also be an important statement to display the art of the children of our region in the main art gallery of our city.

('Kidzart 1995', Bulletin, No.97, August/September 1995, p.3)