Hung, Drawn and Quartered

6 June – 21 July 1985

Tom Scott has become something of a national institution through his long running column and equally long running public disagreements with a nationally prominent politician. Since his first experience of satirical commentary as a student contributor to 'Masskerade', the Massey University Capping magazine, Tom Scott has developed a sharp cutting edge as a political cartoonist in the Listener and more recently newspapers.

In 'Hung, Drawn and Quartered' the Gallery presents 40 of his original drawings which not only show the development of his talents but constitute a kind of political history of the last twelve years. As a specialised branch of the visual arts, the cartoon has a long and honourable history. New Zealand has produced a number of eminent cartoonists though their work, influential as political and social observation, has seldom been thought worthy of an art gallery's walls.

'Hung, Drawn and Quartered' presents the work of perhaps the most effective satirist of the last decade and a half. Also included in the exhibition is a group of satirical political masks by the Wellington artist, Helen Forlong. The provisional tour itinerary includes the following galleries: Bishop Suter,' Aigantighe, Forrester, Wellington City and Hastings. Curated and toured by the Robert McDougall Art Gallery.

('Hung, Drawn and Quartered', Bulletin, No.39, May/June 1985, p.2)