Gordon Walters

This exhibition is now closed

Michael Dunn describes the artist as a painter of uncompromising honesty who defines each individual part of his works with an absolute clarity, none having precedence over another.

Unflinchingly his focus addresses the formal language of painting itself; surface, shape, tone and colour. Conscious of his European artistic background but also of his place in New Zealand, a country proud of its Polynesian heritage of visual art, Walters has drawn upon both European and indigenous sources in the evolution of his style. The 'koru' series brings the European and Maori cultural traditions into a harmonic unity. A perfectionist in his art, Walters has achieved a distinctive personal style in his mature paintings, work of rare quality and integrity.

The exhibition traces the artist's development from 1945 until 1982 and includes both painting and works on paper. The Auckland City Art gallery was responsible for curating this exhibition which is toured by the New Zealand Art Gallery Directors Council with financial assistance from the QE II Arts Council.

('Gordon Walters', Bulletin, No.33, May/June 1984, p.2)