Bea Maddock Prints 1960–1982

This exhibition is now closed

Bea Maddock is one of Australia's leading printmakers and the exhibition has been curated by the National Gallery with assistance from the artist herself.

Janine Burke (Melbourne) says about this artist, "Bea Maddock fragments, exposes and observes a world rife with disaster and disquieting incident. At the same time, she creates memorable images of common objects – a chair, her own coat, shoes and gloves – and throughout her oeuvre self portraits appear, which are either direct records of the artist's appearance . . . or more oblique records that above all form the strongest and most consistent theme in her art."

The exhibition is also of interest in that it shows the artist's versatility with various methods of print production, namely woodcuts, silkscreen printing and photo etching. A number of progressive proofs and colour trial proofs have been included in the exhibition to document image changes.

('Bea Maddock Prints 1960-1982', Bulletin, No.24, November/December 1982, p.2)