Art Textile, Art Souple: French Textile Art

This exhibition is now closed

This exhibition gathers together the works of ten contemporary artists working in France. From more or less the same generation, they belong to a group which is difficult to categorise because its members are neither painters, sculptors nor tapestry makers. Although they can be seen as outsiders, they have a strength that one has to take into account in the world of contemporary arts.

They are often called the "Textile Artists" because they use materials and threads in their works, but they are not making tapestry. Some use veils, metal thread, horse hair, even paper, in their way of expressing themselves. The way of thinking of these artists is specifically textile: material, volume, flexibility, structure, lightness.

These ten artists then offer a new perception of the work of art. Their works are not made for durability or posterity, they are just there to help us to see and understand realities by creating harmonious moments. This art is never provocative but truly authentic.

This exhibition is presented under the auspices of the French Cultural Services, Wellington, in conjunction with "L'Association Francaise d'Action Artistique", and the tour has been organised by the New Zealand Art Gallery Directors' Council Inc., Wellington.

('Art Textile, Art Souple', Bulletin, No.48, November/December 1986, p.3)