Ship Nails and Tail Feathers

Ship Nails and Tail Feathers


Past event

Meet in the exhibition


Curators Peter Vangioni, Ken Hall and Hatesa Seumanutafa introduce you to their new historical show, which puts works from our collection alongside objects from the Canterbury Museum.

This unusual selection of objects has been handpicked by curators from both institutions. When brought together, these artefacts and artworks tell fascinating stories. They reveal much about how people lived and what they valued, sparking rich, relevant and sometimes challenging conversations. From navigational instruments, whaling-era relics and Chinese ancestor portraits, to extraordinary plumage, delicate watercolours and Edwardian showstoppers, this invigorating collaboration presents an array of expressive treasures. Like the elusive amokura bird and its coveted crimson trailing feathers, Ship Nails and Tail Feathers offers a rare and rich experience for all curious visitors.

A partnership project between Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetū and Canterbury Museum.