Beyond Matariki

Beyond Matariki


Past event

Philip Carter Family Auditorium


Celebrate Matariki weekend with a screening of the aclaimed mini-series Beyond Matariki.

Watch all four episodes of Professor Rangi Mātāmua’s Beyond Matariki series for an introduction to Matariki, Māori astronomy and the Māori year. (2020, 105 mins)

This 4-part docuseries gives us a better understanding of the Māori year, or Te Tau Māori, and how te marama (moon), ngā whetū (stars), te rā (sun) me te taiao (ecological markers) are all connected. Looking at each major season of the Māori year the series demonstrates how the Lunar Stella Calendar was used in conjunction with ecological markers to measure time throughout the year. Demonstrating how Māori ancestors were scientists, and showing how Matariki was used to regulate the year and divide time.