An Introduction to Perilous

An Introduction to Perilous


Past event

Meet in the exhibition


Join curators Felicity Milburn, Melanie Oliver and Peter Vangioni for a talk introducing the new collections rehang Perilous: Unheard Stories from the Collection.

Art can tell stories about ourselves and the world around us. Conventional narratives allow only a narrow section of society to dominate our galleries – often male, Western and heterosexual. With a title that acknowledges the complexity of the task, Perilous considers the challenges and possibilities of making space for fresh voices, untold narratives and disruptive ideas. This expanded view of the collection combines many kinds of art-making and introduces exciting new acquisitions. Within it, artists draft relationships between our histories and future, creating new forms of seeing and communicating – and uncovering some unexpected, exhilarating ancestors along the way.