Lucas van Leyden

Netherlands, b.1494, d.1533

The Crucifixion

  • 1521
  • Engraving
  • Purchased, 1979
  • 114 x 75mm
  • 79/227

Lucas van Leyden made this exceptional miniature engraving in 1521, the year he met and had his portrait drawn by Albrecht Dürer, who became a friend and an important influence. Depicting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, it is from a series of fourteen prints titled The Passion, picturing the sequence of events from the Last Supper to the Resurrection.

(Out of Time, 23 September 2023 – 28 April 2024)

Exhibition History

earlier labels about this work
  • As Time Unfolds, 5 December 2020 – 7 March 2021

    Lucas van Leyden’s exquisite, miniature 500-year-old engraving is from a series of fourteen illustrating The Passion – the week of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Through the placement of onlookers in profile or with faces obscured, van Leyden invites the viewer into the same position as the original gospel account eyewitnesses.