William Hogarth

British, b.1697, d.1764

Trophy A Stand Of Arms

  • Etching
  • Purchase, 1972
  • 201 x 254mm
  • 72/137

William Hogarth created this print as a receipt for the engraved version of his painting The March of the Guards to Finchley, a satirical depiction of English troops leaving London to counter the Scottish Jacobite uprising in 1746. The weaponry of the rebellious Scots (including bagpipes) is pictured at left; at right are the more ‘civilised’ English weapons.

(Out of Time, 23 September 2023 – 28 April 2024)

Exhibition History

earlier labels about this work
  • William Hogarth painted 'The March of the Guards to Finchley', also known as 'The March to Finchley' in 1750. It is in the collection of The Foundling Museum, London. This document is a receipt for subscribers to an engraved edition of the painting.