Yoshitora Utagawa

Japan, b.c. 1840, d.1880

Yoritomo's Hunting Party on the Plain of Mount Fuji

  • 1860
  • Ukiyo-e woodblock
  • Purchased 2021
  • 368 x 254mm
  • 2021/177.a-c

Best-known for his Yokohama-e (woodblock prints depicting Westerners in Japan in the post-1868 Meiji era), Yoshitora Utagawa was an inventive and prolific printmaker. This work memorialises founding shogunate ruler Minamoto no Yoritomo, who is shown with his attendants at the base of Mount Fuji in 1193. At centre, the samurai warrior Tadatsune slays a giant boar.

(Out of Time, 23 September 2023 – 28 April 2024)

Exhibition History