Rhondda Bosworth


Self-portrait / April

  • 1985
  • Silver gelatin print
  • 203 x 252mm
  • 2021/100

Photographer Rhondda Bosworth is known for her strikingly intimate photographs, which are direct, disruptive and disarming. Her works challenge the rules of photography, the decisive moment and the male gaze. Focusing on portraiture and the body, often her own, the artist uses deep contrast, movement, collage and re-photography as strategies to create powerful images that also retain ambiguity, mystery and elusive meanings. She uses the camera and photographic devices to create distance from the emotional intensity of the content.

She says: “Photographs are literally about light and dark. This provides an immediate metaphor for emotional light and dark, and for ambivalence and polarity. Images that work are about dual realities – the external physical world and the internal world of thought, feeling, fantasy and memory.”

(Perilous: Unheard Stories from the Collection, 6 August 2022- )

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