Laurence Aberhart

Aotearoa New Zealand, b.1949

Interior, Tomb, Epernay, Champagne, France, 22 September 1994

  • Purchased by the Friends of Christchurch Art Gallery with special contribution from the Life Members, 2008
  • Platinum print
  • 435 x 470mm
  • 2008/023
  • 1994
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Taken inside a tomb in France, this photograph might seem to support the idea that Laurence Aberhart is a photographer of dark and gloomy subjects. But in fact the reverse is true. Aberhart discovers unexpected signs of life – and light – inside a space of death. The light outside the tomb projects the face of its inhabitant onto the stone wall – echoing the process that took place inside Aberhart's camera while he made this photograph. A further optical event occurs at the bottom of the window, where a single red pane of glass has turned the view of the graveyard outside into its own negative. (Brought to Light, November 2009)


Aberhart Starts Here

Aberhart Starts Here

Iconic and unseen early photographs of Christchurch by Laurence Aberhart