Keeping cool


It's forecast to be a long, hot summer this year. To help you keep cool, we'll be making some important improvements to the Gallery's air conditioning system later this month. And to try to help us all stay cool we'll be utilising a more sustainable energy source.

From early 2011 our electrical power and chilled water will be generated across the road by the Civic Office Tri-generator – a highly efficient system that runs on biogas. This will make us more energy efficient, and reduce our power bills.Previously, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) boilers provided heating and electric chillers provided cooling in the Gallery. However, by utilising biogas from the Burwood landfill and wastewater treatment plant, we will now be able to reduce our energy costs, reduce methane greenhouse gas emissions from waste streams and substantially reduce our reliance on fossil fuel sources.

In order to make this transfer, holes will need to be drilled in the Gallery carpark and excavation undertaken to meet up with the existing ducting. As a result, a limited number of spaces in the carpark will be restricted for 2-3 weeks, commencing on 25 January 2011. There will also be some drilling taking place outside the Gallery, which may affect road users and pedestrians along Worcester Boulevard.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause and assure our visitors that disruption will be kept to a minimum. But it's all in a very good cause.