Among the Sandhills - Print

Adrian Stokes
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A high-quality reproduction of an original oil painting by artist Adrian Stokes.

Available as a matted print, and in either a white or black frame.


Author: Adrian Stokes

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Among The Sandhills
Adrian Stokes Among The Sandhills

In 1876, while in his early twenties, the English painter Adrian Stokes settled at Pont-Aven, an artist colony in Brittany, France, where he later met his life and painting companion, Austrian-born Marianne Preindlsberger. Marianne arrived in the summer of 1883, and they married in Austria in the following summer. After an extended honeymoon on the island of Capri, Italy and in Ireland, the Stokeses spent the next two summers (1885–86) as part of the artist colony at Skagen, a fishing village on a rugged peninsula at Denmark’s northernmost tip. Adrian Stokes’s painting of a Danish shepherdess was shown at the Grosvenor Gallery’s 1887 summer exhibition in London as In the Sandhills, Jutland. It was exhibited again in 1887 in Liverpool; in Melbourne (with an amended title) for the 1889 Centennial International Exhibition; and Dunedin at the 1889–90 New Zealand and South Seas Exhibition. It was purchased by Captain Christopher Garsia, a founding member of the Canterbury Society of Arts, who sold it to the society in 1902.

(The Weight of Sunlight, 16 September 2017 - 16 September 2018)