Séraphine Pick

Felicity Milburn, Lara Strongman et al.
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ISBN: 978-1-877375-18-7

Hard cover book

Séraphine Pick’s original and imaginative practice has made her one of New Zealand’s most highly regarded painters.

From the spectral dresses, leaky baths and teetering suitcases of the 1990s to the psychologically charged dreamscapes of more recent years, this book brings together more than a hundred works made between 1994 and 2009. This richly illustrated publication features essays by Felicity Milburn and Lara Strongman, an interview by Sally Blundell, a short story by Elizabeth Knox, and texts responding to individual works of art by Jonathan Bywater, Felicity Milburn, Allan Smith and Andrew Paul Wood.

This book was made possible with the support of Adrian Burr, Paul and Dianne Chaney Family Trust, Hamish McKay Gallery, Ross and Helen Stevenson, Aloysius and Eileen Teh, Roderick and Jean Thomas, University of Canterbury, Watermark Print Workshop, and Nigel Williams Rae-ann Sinclair. Published with the assistance of Christchurch City Council, Creative New Zealand and the Friends of Christchurch Art Gallery.

Author: Felicity Milburn, Lara Strongman et al.

Pages: 184

Dimensions: 287 x 247mm

Imprint: Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetū

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Séraphine Pick Homemaker

This early work by Séraphine Pick challenges many of the accepted traditions of art-making, including the hierarchy of subject matter and the nature of art materials. The Gothic arch or iron shape is edged with red velvet that has been pierced with dressmaking pins, and the images have been created using the broken lines of the woodblock, usually reserved for artist’s prints. Pick deliberately aligns the work's domestic elements with aspects of early religious art. The modern ‘homemaker’, represented in this work by self portraits of the artist, is compared to the medieval image of the Virgin Mary as mediator and nurturer. We are invited to use our observations and understanding of family life to draw our own conclusions.

Séraphine Pick was born in Kawakawa in the Bay of Islands in 1964 and graduated from the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts in 1988. Best known as a painter, she has exhibited regularly throughout New Zealand since 1987 and has received some of New Zealand's most significant art awards, including the Olivia Spencer Bower Award (1994), the Rita Angus Residency (1995) and the Frances Hodgkins Fellowship (1999).

Untitled (Bathers)

Untitled (Bathers)

Séraphine Pick's lush watercolour offers a utopian vision in the car park elevator.

Séraphine Pick: Tell Me More

Séraphine Pick: Tell Me More

Séraphine Pick's original and imaginative practice has made her one of New Zealand's most highly regarded painters.

Séraphine Pick: assumed identities

Séraphine Pick: assumed identities

The celebrated faces gracing two of the paintings in Séraphine Pick's Brooke Gifford Gallery exhibition late last year wore expressions that were hard to pin down. Defensive, evasive and devoid of their customary charisma, the only thing they clearly conveyed was their wish to be somewhere – anywhere – else.

Shadow play

Shadow play

This article first appeared as 'Ghosts in sunglasses' in The Press on 8 October 2008