Say Something! Jacqueline Fahey

Felicity Milburn with Allie Eagle, Julia Holden, Bronwyn Labrum, Lana Lopesi, Zoe Roland and Julia Waite
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ISBN: 978-1-877375-52-1

Hard cover book

In an era when women were often silenced and sidelined, artist Jacqueline Fahey’s voice was distinctive and unapologetic. Speaking up is important, but saying something worthwhile matters too.

Arts Foundation Icon Jacqueline Fahey was one of the first New Zealand artists to paint from a feminist perspective. In this book, her psychologically charged domestic paintings of the 1970s, in which she unflinchingly surveyed her own private reality, are revisited by contemporary feminist authors.

At once familiar and unsettling, these paintings overflow with love, loss, conflict and quiet despair, and bristle with all the intensity of domestic life.

Author: Felicity Milburn with Allie Eagle, Julia Holden, Bronwyn Labrum, Lana Lopesi, Zoe Roland and Julia Waite

Pages: 64

Dimensions: 300 x 210mm

Imprint: Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetū

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Speedy's Return
Jacqueline Fahey Speedy's Return

For the exhibition Jacqueline Fahey: Say Something! (22 November 2017 – 11 March 2018) this work was displayed with the following label:

Fahey’s husband, the noted psychiatrist Fraser McDonald, held positions at a number of institutions throughout New Zealand, and they raised their three daughters in a series of houses on hospital grounds. In Porirua, the gardens were overseen by a patient, Mr Quickly (also known as Speedy), who had studied at Kew Gardens in England and worked on a royal estate. He supplied the family with a steady supply of produce and fresh flowers. Fahey recalled that she could cope with the flowers but that the fruit and vegetables, which he clearly expected her to make into preserves, showed up her shortcomings as a ‘proper’ doctor’s wife. When the family moved to Kingseat Hospital, near Auckland, Mr Quickly came with them. This painting, a study in warm autumnal colours and dappled shadows, celebrates what Fahey described as 'the light he brought into all of our lives'.

Jacqueline Fahey: Say Something!

Jacqueline Fahey: Say Something!

Overflowing with love, conflict and quiet despair, Fahey’s paintings from the 1970s bristle with the intensity of domestic life.