Ink on Paper: Aotearoa New Zealand

Peter Vangioni
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ISBN: 978-1-877375-77-4

Hard cover book

Revolutionised by the introduction of the linocut, early to mid twentieth-century printmaking is one of the most progressive and dynamic periods in Aotearoa New Zealand’s art history. This exquisitely illustrated book features ambitious and delightful etchings, lithographs, wood-engravings and linocuts by some of the country’s finest artists.

Highlights include:
– Engaging introduction to the establishment of printmaking in Aotearoa by Peter Vangioni.
– Short biographical texts on each artist.
– Full-page colour illustrations of more than 100 artworks.
– Etchings, lithographs, wood-engravings and linocuts drawn from collections around the country.
– Beautifully designed hardcover book with dust jacket and marker ribbon.

Author: Peter Vangioni

Pages: 184

Dimensions: 208 x 278mm

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