Clearing up after Rain - Print

John Gibb
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A high-quality reproduction of an original oil painting by artist John Gibb.

Available as a matted print, and in either a white or black frame.


Author: John Gibb

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Clearing up after Rain, Foot of Otira Gorge
John Gibb Clearing up after Rain, Foot of Otira Gorge

The wild and rugged mountainous landscape of Otira has captivated visitors since the first road was cut through the gorge in the mid-1860s. Otira is the Māori place name for this region and translates as ‘the last rays of the sun’. It was a landscape that Gibb was drawn to, and he returned to paint it repeatedly throughout his career. An unforgiving place with high rainfall, rivers can rise suddenly and fill the gorge with the thundering noise of falling water. Gibb has painted the aftermath of one such storm in this work. The original Otira Hotel depicted in this painting was washed away when the Otira River flooded in 1886. (John Gibb, 18 December 2015 – 28 August 2016)