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William Sutton
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A high-quality reproduction of an original oil painting by artist William Sutton.

Available as a matted print, and in either a white or black frame.


Author: William Sutton

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Dry September
William Sutton Dry September

In 1930s New Zealand there was wide discussion about what was unique about the New Zealand situation; what it was that made us different from the rest of the world. Artists and writers began exploring ways to identify our national identity. A number of artists began painting the Canterbury High Country, most famously Rita Angus and her landscape painting of the railway station at Cass. One reviewer in 1936 observed that there was a new quality in the landscapes exhibited in Christchurch that seemed ‘to consist in a removal of the romantic mists which used to obscure mountains and the Canterbury countryside generally. The light now is clear and hard, the colours are in flat planes, and the effect is of seeing the country through a gem-like atmosphere. There is also a new romantic standpoint – an insistence on the isolation and brooding loneliness of the hills.’ It’s a statement that certainly rings true with the Canterbury paintings of Rita Angus, Leo Bensemann, Louise Henderson, Rata Lovell-Smith and Bill Sutton.

(March 2018)

Te Tihi o Kahukura: The Citadel of Kahukura

Te Tihi o Kahukura: The Citadel of Kahukura

Selected works by Bill Sutton considered from a Kāi Tahu perspective.

An Italian sojourn

An Italian sojourn

Pat Unger on William Sutton's 1973 Italian sabbatical.