Aberhart Starts Here

Lara Strongman with Laurence Aberhart
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ISBN: 978-1-877375-49-1

Hardcover book

The best book of New Zealand photography of 2017.

– Steve Braunias, The Spinoff

One of Aotearoa New Zealand’s most perceptive artists, Laurence Aberhart is a photographer who makes images of the vanishing past in an accelerating world. It was Christchurch where he developed his eye for the scenes that later brought his work to international attention. These early photographs of ordinary suburban houses, abandoned shops, masonic lodges and long-lost fast-food joints—some of them now iconic, others unseen or little known—depict a city and a way of life that no longer exists.

Author: Lara Strongman with Laurence Aberhart

Pages: 136 ( with 62 full-page images)

Dimensions: 220 x 220mm

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