Revolt, She Said

Revolt, She Said


Past event

Philip Carter Family Auditorium


New Zealand filmmaker Louise Lever presents her new film, Revolt, She Said – a documentary that asks “what is the female voice?”

The filmmaker will be present for the screening, and there will be the opportunity to join in on a Q&A session afterwards. Let your inner and/or outer feminist run free, and bring your mothers, sisters, friends and tamariki. Get inter-generational and put truth to power.

Lever has said of this recent work: “Today, feminisms are in the heart of popular culture but what are some of the consequences of this? Are women’s stories being prioritised in our dominant social narratives? … As a critical artist and filmmaker, I have been making a film about feminisms from an Australasian perspective over the past two years and collected over forty interviews. The interviewees are diverse and include heterosexual women, women from different cultural backgrounds (e.g. Aboriginal, Chinese, and European, amongst others) transgender, lesbian, non-binary, and from a range of walks of life, from leading academics to stay-at-home mothers. … I hope to explore the dominant narratives in society, the heteronormativity of these narratives and what happens to those who don’t get to speak.”