06 Mar 1984 – 22 Apr 1984

This was a major Christchurch Festival omnibus exhibition comprising a variety of exhibitions threaded together by the common link that each work utislises paper as a support or the medium itself. 


Invitation to tthe Opening of Paperchase (detail)

About this Exhibition

Paperchase was an omnibus exhibition comprising 14 smaller exhibitions on the theme of paper and drawing, drawn from New Zealand, Australia, Britain and the United States. It conprised Print USA, Crown Point Press, Tamarind Institute, Jabberwock, Timothy Payne, Judy Silver, Guy Warren, Penny Wells, Capa and Cardew, Kay Lawrence, Ruth Faerber, Denise Oates, Blue Guitar (etchings by David Hockney) and the drawings of Henry Fuseli.

13,000 visitors came to the Gallery during March, well above the avearage attendance for a city of 298,000. It attracted many people from all over New Zealand.

Current Exhibitions

Faces from the Collection

Tony Fomison No! 1971. Oil on canvas. Collection of Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu, purchased 1973. Reproduced with permission

Faces from the Collection


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