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Artworks at Christchurch's Convention Centre were finally rescued yesterday by Sean Duxfield and his team from the Gallery after being inaccessible for almost 12 months. 

Philip Trusttum's two large banners and Bing Dawe's sculpture at the entrance were retrieved as was Trusttum's Passport to the New Millennium (2000), a massive undertaking. It's a relief to finally have these works out of harm's way and hopefully they will go back on public display sometime in the future.

At 12:18 PM on 08/02/2012, Cheryl Bernstein wrote:

Congratulations - and grateful thanks - to Sean and gallery staff on rescuing these artworks, part of the public art heritage of the city.

At 1:20 PM on 08/02/2012, barry cleavin wrote:

Thank you Sean and mates for retrieving these works of Phil's. The structure under the works looks pretty good as a deconstruction number - but not a patch on the paintings that you rescued.

At 5:13 PM on 08/02/2012, Jessica Halliday wrote:

Woohoo! That's marvelous. What about Bill Culbert's Blue? And any word on the status/condition of the Pat Hanley in the Town Hall?

At 5:17 PM on 08/02/2012, emma wrote:

Thank you so much for rescuing these - I was so worried they would be destroyed! :)

At 1:26 PM on 09/02/2012, paul wrote:

Yes any status updates on the Hanly panels in the town hall?

At 3:38 PM on 09/02/2012, Jenny Harper wrote:

Thanks for your kind comments about saving the Phil Trusttum piece. Our staff have been busy inspecting and reporting on art in various public buildings, and we are very pleased to offer our specialists' advice in this way. In the Town Hall, Pat Hanly's 'Rainbow Pieces' have been inspected and are due to be removed, while the 'Women's Suffrage Tapestry' by Di ffrench as well as formal mayoral portraits by Bill Sutton and Archibald Nicoll have already been removed and are safely in storage. Bill Culbert's 'Blue' is a site specific work and cannot simply be extracted in quite the same way. We are talking with contractors and with Bill himself about the best way of dealing with this work.

As with many things in Christchurch at the moment there is a great deal we just don't know but Gallery staff are working hard to ensure that as much public art as possible is saved. While we are happy to help with this work, the safety of our staff is of course paramount.

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